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I'm Ginger!

Hello! I'm Ginger, the first Camp Coco Comrade. CFO Lauren Scapin rescued me from the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center in 2018. At the time I was first on the euthanasia list; because I was restless and stressed in the shelter I was deemed dangerous and too much of a risk. Lauren saw past that, she took me in gave me time to decompress and adjust to my surroundings. Once I was given a chance I showed how sweet and loving I could be. Lauren found me my forever home and my amazing owner Ian. I now live with his family in Orlando Florida and spend my days going on fun adventures and giving as many kisses as I can . 

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I'm Frank!

Hi, I'm Frank, when Ava and Lauren found me at the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center in 2019 it looked like my story was coming to the end, but because of them it was just beginning. Hit by a car and left for dead, I was one of the oldest dogs at the shelter when Hurricane Dorian hit. Lauren and Ava decided to Foster myself and my friend Dori to take some of the stress of the shelter staff. I had open wounds, was malnourished and had various skin diseases. Lauren tended to me every day and as my strength came back so did my loving, energetic energy. Camp Coco helped me find my soul mate, Molly. Today I live with Molly and her family in Tennessee and spend my days hunting, playing with my brothers and sisters, and showing molly how much I love her and how grateful I am for my second chance. 


I'm Bubba!

 Hello everyone, I'm Bubba! Rescued from the Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center by Camp Coco in 2019. As an abandoned senior cat it didn't seem like there was much hope, but because of Camp Coco I got my second chance. I found my forever home and best friend in my owner Juan. I spend my days sleeping on my owners lap and demanding as much attention as I can get. 


I'm Juni!

Hi all! I'm Juni; Camp Coco rescued me during hurricane Dorian in 2019. I was one of almost fifty kittens in the shelter at this time. Due to the lack of awareness surrounding homeless animals in Tampa Bay the resource center was close to 200% capacity. Camp Coco gave not just me a chance, but gave another homeless animal a chance by allowing the resource center to fill my spot. CFO Ava helped find my forever home with my two loving mothers Jeanie and Maya and I spend my days in Tampa playing and cuddling with my owners.